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Villuvandi Strike

  • It was a movement for the right to use public roads by untouchables.

  • It was held in 1893 by Ayyankali.

  • Ayyankali was born into a Pulaya family.

  • He was extremely conscious of the low social and economic condition of the pulayas and the bondage enforced upon them by the higher castes.

Villuvandi Yatra

  • The Pulayas were denied the right to use public roads.

  • Ayyankali decided to fight against this descrimination.

  • He bought a bullock-cart which was then a luxury for the pulayas.

  • Then he marched over the public streets of Venganoor (in Trivandrum).

  • Though he was brutally attacked during his first ride, he later went on several other bullock cart rides.

Importance of Villuvandi Yatra

  • The lower caste people got access to public roads in Travancore.



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