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The Synod of Diamper- ഉദയംപേരൂർ സൂനഹദോസ്

Christianity in Kerala before the Advent of the Portugese

  • It is believed that, Christianity was introduced in Kerala by Saint Thomas in 52 AD.

  • He converted many natives to Christianity. These people and their later generations are known as Syrian Christians (സുറിയാനി ക്രിസ്ത്യാനികൾ).

  • They followed Syro-Chaldean liturgy (സൈറോ-കൽദായ ആരാധനക്രമം). It was basically the mode of worship in the West-Asia.

  • Many of their religious practices were similar to that of Hindu religion.

  • Moreover, they were not under the control of the Pope (Head of Catholic Church).

Advent of the Portugese

  • In 1498, the Portugese came to Kerala.

  • Even though, the Portugese came as traders, they were interested in religious propagation also.

  • The Portugese followed the Latin liturgy (ലത്തീൻ ആരാധനക്രമം).

  • Moreover, the Pope was their religious head.

The Synod of Diamper

  • The Portugese wanted to change the liturgy of the Syrian Christians and to bring them under the control of the Pope.

  • For this purpose, a Synod (conference) was held at Udayamperoor in 1599.

  • It was attended by both the Syrian Christians and the Portugese.

  • The important outcomes of the Synod were:

    • The Syro-Chaldean liturgy was replaced by the Latin liturgy.

    • Kerala Christians were brought under the control of the Pope.

    • Religious practices that were adopted from the Hindu religion were ended.

    • The King of the Portugese became the protector of the Indian Christians.



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