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Chalcolithic Age (Stone-Copper Age)

  • Time period: 1800 BC to 1000 BC

  • People used copper as well as stone.

  • Main economic activities were agriculture and cattle rearing.

  • There was some social hierarchy.

  • Various copper and terracotta objects were found.

  • Copper objects: spearheads, arrowheads, bangles, rings, etc.

  • Terracotta objects: human and animal figurines.

  • People worshipped mother goddess.

  • The dead were buried.

  • Painted pottery was present.

Jorwe Culture

  • People knew about crop rotation, harvesting, irrigation, and ploughshare.

  • Structures like walls, granaries, embankment were present.

  • Settlements had a large centre.

  • Large houses were at the centre and small houses were the outside.

  • Houses were rectangular.

  • Pottery is painted black on red.

  • Three clay figurines of male gods were found.

  • Major sites: Inamgaon

Malwa Culture

  • Structures like walls, granaries, embankment were present.

  • Pottery possess buff slip. Various patterns are displayed in black or dark brown colour.

  • Small goblets are an important feature of Malwa pottery.

  • Major sites: Eran

Ahar Culture

  • Houses are made of mud and timber.

  • Seven varieties of pottery, most prominent being red and black ware painted in white.



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